Brand Story

When we ask you what your favourite piece of jewellery in your collection is, you most likely reply with a special tale. One that connects you to this piece of art. Perhaps it it is the earring you wore when you met someone special or the heirloom piece your grandmother passed on to you. A story that is soldered into your story with the craft of creation. This very connection is the thing that we are trying to facilitate through our brand. Our narrative connects and savours cultures together through metal, by partnering with craftsman that are storytellers in the quaint city of Jaipur. Hailing from Alwar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer - they bring in their sacred knowledge, letting Ridhi's creative visions take flight and co-create jewelry that is crafted with deep reverence.

Our brand borrows ideas and ingenuity from women everywhere. The oozing life-force energy of Shakti in Vedic scriptures, that gives birth to all of creation there is manifests into a myriad of goddesses in our Indian culture. We seek to honour and celebrate the divine feminine in all its flavours and colours. 

Ridhi Asrani stumbled upon jewellery design and gemmology at Gemological Institute of America, after her graduation in management studies, almost by serendipity. Marrying her vivid creative epiphanies and fantastical vision into wearable art intrigued her to pursue it and give birth to her own line of jewels. The jewelry combines the old with the new-fangled, to create pieces that are maximal at heart to help you tap into you inner goddess.