Care Guide

A little TLC for your jewelled babies never hurts. Please note that some tarnishing over time and scratches are normal. Here are a few quick tips to keep your pieces as shining as the day they were created.

Wearing: Remove your jewelry before exercising, swimming, showering, spas and sleeping. Put on your jewellery after your skincare routine and make up. Direct contact with cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and hairspray may accelerate the development of patina.*

Storing: Store your jewelry in. a secure and dry place between wears in the pouch and box given. All our orders come with a Ziploc and silica gel pack inside — both these aid in the longevity of our plating.

CleaningIt’s natural for a well-loved piece to get a bit dirty overtime; fingerprints and smudges can accumulate on surfacesThe easiest way to maintain the appearance of your jewelry is with regular cleaning using a jewelry polishing cloth. Wipe down quickly after each wear to maintain the finish, or polish vigorously to remove any accumulated patina.

COVID-19: As we’re living through a global pandemic, we cannot recommend washing and sanitising your hands enough. That being said, make sure you take any rings off while doing so and limit exposure from water, soap, and hand sanitiser to all jewelry.

*patina : discolouration of change in lustre of brass, produced by oxidation; the darkening of metal with exposure to the body's own pH, oxygen and other compounds.