What happens if my piece is damaged on arrival?

All our pieces are handcrafted with love and undergo a meticulous quality control check before they are dispatched to you. If your piece is a little dented upon delivery, you have 7 days to request for a replacement. If it breaks as time goes on, you can email us at ridhiasranijewelry@gmail.com with your order number and a picture. While we don’t cover customer negligence, we’d love to see what can be done.

How are the pieces made? 

All our products are handmade using an ancient wax casting technique by skilled artisans at our Jaipur studio, hailing from Alwar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. Our vision is sketched and brought to life through a detailed wax model and rubbermold. Wax models are heated in plaster-filled flasks, these flasks are filled with molten brass, and the cooled brass eventually cracks to present a perfect piece of jewelry. The pieces are then plated with 18K gold or a silver wash.

Because they are handmade, pieces might be slightly different in minor details; which adds to its handcrafted status.

Do we customise jewelry?

We make our collections based on elaborate mood boards and work towards creating a specific vibe with each collection and capsule. Each piece is meant to honour the designers genius and no customisations are presently possible - unless we create customisable pieces in our future collections.