exalted, avant garde and maximal at heart



    We strive to marry our creative vision with our artisans' sacred craftsmanship to create versatile designs that defy trends and seasons.

    Our vivid imagination and the mastery of our artisans co-creates your next heirloom jewel


    Designed with integrity and trasparency, tender love and dedication - our pieces are entirely handcrafted. Each piece we make credits the artisan to honor them.


    We have partnered with Ecologi to ensure we are a carbon neutral business. Every order you make takes you and us, a step closer to tackling the climate crisis and give back to Mother Earth

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our manifesto

I. From the artisans hands to yours: to honor their sacred wisdom & skills so it can be translated into every design we wish to birth for you

II. To curate a jewellery wardrobe that uplifts you

III. We think the magic is in the details and getting lost in the details is a beautiful place to be

IV. To design for the moving eye, cause every creation is beauty

V. Self-expression is what makes for good style, we create pieces hoping you can express yourself more authentically

VI. Beautiful art is meant to be passed down, like our pieces. We bring you versatility so that each piece can be your neext heirloom

VII. To create freshness out of our divine imagination


in the spotlight

find our jewels shining and gleaming on stars